Fires in Greece

This summer, fires in seaside towns near Athens, Greece were ravaged by intense fires.  More than 90 people perished as a direct result of the fires, most in the resort town of Mati.

The question is that if you have a trip planned to the region in the near future, should you cancel?  First, consider specifically where you are going and the proximity to the fires.  Some areas have been destroyed, while others have been completely unaffected.  Also, consider whether the fires impacted any of the activities you had planned on your itinerary.  Can you change some of the excursions that may have been effected and replace them with other excursions in areas that have not been effected?  Talk with your travel professional about these contingencies. You may be entitled to a rain-check or refund.  Also, read the fine print of any travel insurance you may have purchased to see what relief it affords. First and foremost, always make safety a consideration when traveling.

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