What Have We Been Building?

The founders of DreamStar Resorts have operated specifically within the travel club industry for over 10 years providing credit card processing to travel resellers. Over those years we’ve watched what others were doing and while they were providing good benefits, we believed that we could build something that was even better.

So, we set out on a path to provide access to everything, with the ease of a single membership. Our goals were twofold, first, to provide the easiest way to plan your vacation. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer and choose our state of the art online reservation system or you choose to call our award winning concierge service to plan your dream getaway. Our second goal was to create the ultimate travel club value proposition for everyone. From the novice to the seasoned traveler, we know that your vacation time is precious. With so many options and programs available on the market today, we want to be certain that you are getting the very best value for your hard earned dollar.

For the past year, we have been busy researching, negotiating and building. The result: something amazing.

What have we been building? The perfect solution for anyone that wants to travel.
We call it DreamStar Resorts, a membership only club that provides access to the best of all travel options.
How do we do it? We have a direct affiliation with the largest resort condo exchange program in the world, RCI, giving DreamStar members the privilege
of using a points based currency to stay at any of more than 4,500 resorts WORLDWIDE.

In addition, we added a travel fulfillment component that has been managing travel reservations for the last 25 years. This partnership gives our members GUARANTEED lower pricing than can be found on any online search engine, travel agency or membership program. This include castles, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and just about any other travel destination imaginable from a choice of thousands of hotels WORLDWIDE and all major cruise lines.

Check out our website, contact one of our affiliates, or attend one of our informational meetings to discover more of the DreamStar vacation innovation.