Essentials to make your next trip easier

Long flights, airports, flight delays and all the other things that can happen before we arrive are headache enough. So why not make at least your carry on items help ease some of the stress.

Uncarrier On by T-Mobile x Samsara

Photo courtesy of: T-Mobile

  • Wireless and USB-C Charging – The Un-carrier On is the only carry-on suitcase on the market with wireless charging, and it also comes with a removable battery pack with USB-C charging to ensure all your devices are always powered up. Say goodbye to frantically searching for an outlet in the airport or devices running out of battery on a road trip.
  • Tag Smart Technology –Turn up the relaxation and rest easy knowing the Un-carrier On helps keep track of belongings from takeoff to touchdown and nearly everywhere in between.
  • Workstation on Wheels – Its flat top work surface provides the perfect place to rest a laptop while sending that final email before entering vacation mode, or streaming movies and shows while drowning out the chaos at your gate.
  • Eight-Bag Packing Set – ​As if the Un-carrier On isn’t already a standout, it also comes with an eight-bag packing set to ensure your underwear and toothbrush never touch again. Just let that one sit a minute.

Cadence Travel Capsules

Photo courtesy of: Cadence

Perfect for the perfect replacement for the flimsy TSA approved toiletry containers. Customers rave about these from no leaks, the labeling engraved on each container and all the cute colors to choose from!

Airplane Footrest

Photo courtesy of: Amazon

Simply attach to the tray and for those who get back and leg pain, these can be a game changer, especially on those long international flights.

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