Fires in Greece

This summer, fires in seaside towns near Athens, Greece were ravaged by intense fires.  More than 90 people perished as a direct result of the fires, most in the resort town of Mati. The question is that if you have a trip planned to the region in the near future, should you cancel?  First, consider […]

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Will Travel Insurance Cover Hurricane Cancellations?

The weather is mostly unpredictable, especially when traveling to a destination such as the Caribbean during hurricane season. Many travelers try to mitigate the risk of weather by purchasing travel insurance. Not all travel insurance policies are created equal.  Many of these policies are very specific about what events are covered, or, are not covered.  […]

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International Travel Trends of 2018

The Middle East is the trendy hot spot for international travel so far in 2018.  According the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the Middle East is the fastest growing travel region in the world with a 57% growth in international arrivals. The traditional hot spots in Europe still remain popular, however, travelers are tending to […]

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