Will Travel Insurance Cover Hurricane Cancellations?

The weather is mostly unpredictable, especially when traveling to a destination such as the Caribbean during hurricane season. Many travelers try to mitigate the risk of weather by purchasing travel insurance.

Not all travel insurance policies are created equal.  Many of these policies are very specific about what events are covered, or, are not covered.  Most insurance carriers offer travel insurance with a “cancel for any reason” provision that is usually available at an additional up-charge.

In addition to trip cancellation coverage, it is important to consider if you are covered for trip interruption, delay, lost baggage, and missed flights.  Look at the medical coverage as well to see if you are covered for emergency medical expenses. Some policies even cover emergency evacuations.  Don’t take for granted that any given policy will cover all situations.  Read the policy or ask the insurance agent for information on specific coverages.

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