10 Best Beach Destinations In The World

What is there not to love about the beach? Turquoise waters, swaying palm trees, crash of the waves and overall tranquil ambiance make for the perfect vacation destination.

Below are the top 10 beach destinations worldwide.

10. Thailand

Thailand’s tropical beaches are renowned for their beaches. November through February are the coolest times of the year, while the rainy season is July through October that can produce torrential tropical downpours.

9. Philippines

White sand beaches. crystal clear waters and fabulous limestone formations are only a few things to love about the beaches in Philippines. Take in the epic views from towering cliffs, swim up to prehistoric caves and be in utter amazement of the thunderous waterfalls.

8. Western USA & Canada

Soak up some California sunshine on the beaches of Santa Barbara, or whale watch from the beaches of San Juan Island, Washington. There are also some amazing lush forests to admire while strolling along the sands Pacific Rim National Park in Canada.

7. Queensland, Australia

Australia has hudnres of world-class beaches, each with it’s own distinctive experience. A surfer’s paradise at Crescent Head, Gold Coast or Byron Bay. Seventy-five Mile Beach boasts miles up on miles of pristine sand and sea and a huge array of wildlife. Best time to enjoy is April through October (winter time Down Under).

6. Cape Town, South Africa

Dubbed one of the worlds most beautiful cities, the beach is just minutes from the city center. Some of the favorite beaches are Camps Bay, Clifton, and Llandudno. Best time to visit December through February.

5. Hawaii, USA

Every type of beach trip is available on the Hawaiin islands. From serene beach day on the island of Kauai or Maui, or accessing remote spots only available by helicopter or landing watercraft, there is a beach for everyone! Don’t forget all the jaw dropping natural scenery, like active volcanos, towering cliffs and dense jungle. Best time to visit is April through June or September through November.

4. French Polynesia

One of the best beaches in French Polynesia is a lush piece of land called Bora Bora. With white beaches, and over the water bungalows, it makes for one of the most epic beach destinations. Best time to visit is May to October.

3. Turks & Caicos

Turks and Caicos islands are surrounded by the globes third-largest coral reef, and has some of the finest, powdery sand beaches. Best time to visit is April through May.

2. The Maldives

White beaches, clear lagoons, and incredible underwater wildlife makes this beach destination a once in a lifetime trip. Best time to visit is January through October.

1.The Seychelles

115 scenic islands scattered in the Indian Ocean east of Kenia. The Seychellois beaches is beyond world and unmatched anywhere else in the world. Best time to visit is April through October.

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